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We have just launched a new Military page for all of our members and their
families who have served and sacrificed for our freedom.
We need your pictures and descriptions, so we can make this a
memorable place to visit.

Submit your pictures to Paul - Club President - email:
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The NRA Just Sent Obama
A BRUTAL Warning
That He Will Never Forget:

Gun Free Zone Cards and Flyers - Click on image to get yours: Gun Free Zone Cards

ATF Firearms Report 2014

Resources to explain the Second Amendment in great detail, and offer information pertinent to gun ownership, gun safety and hunting: HERE

Some Video's Our Members Have Suggested:

1 - Number One with a Bullet
2 - The Eagle Cried - Vietnam Veterans Tribute
3 - Food City- Salute
4 - Mark Levin: 2014 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum
5 - David Clarke: 2014 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum
6 - Wayne LaPierre: 2014 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum
7 - Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control
8 - Rick Perry's super bad ass NRA gun intro video
9 - Rep. Gowdy's Floor Speech on the ENFORCE the Law Act
10 - Rep. Gowdy's Defense of the ENFORCE the Law Act
11 - Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed slaves
12 - Why Good People Should Be Armed
13 - Democratic Official Admits Plan To Confiscate Guns
14 - Ted Nugent Talks NRA, NY, Obama & Piers Morgan with Guns
15 - John Wayne 1970 Variety Show Celebrating America's History
16 - Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie and the Rescue of Roger Locher
17 - How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps  NEW
18 - Reality Check: The True Intent Of The Second Amendment  NEW
19 - Gun Control Works
20 - Australia Means Bans & Confiscation

A little bit of history on the importance of our Second Amendment: Battle of Athens

Above The Law: TSRA In Action! Problem Solved! pdf

BATFE Letter to Sgt. Joe Bradley concerning the Sig Sauer Pistol Brace

Hello Fellow CARGO Members,

With all of the left wing and media hysterically calling for gun control, NOW is the time to take action and make your voice heard.  

The NRA ILA has made it easy to get in touch with your representatives:

Tell Your US Senators and Representatives

The GOA has another option:

One Click Politics Global  

Please reach out today and share this with all of your like-minded friends.

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