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Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership = CARGO



Hello Fellow CARGO Members,



Community BBQ

7010 TX-78

Sachse, TX 75048


For the dinner portion of the meeting, we will be in the meeting room between 5:30 and 6:15 for food and fellowship.  


The meeting will begin at 6:15 PM and run until about 8:00.


Under the Texas Open Carry Law, you could be committing an offense if you remove your pistol from its holster while open carrying.  While at Community BBQ, DO NOT remove your pistol from its holster unless it is an emergency.   


Gun topics for this month:

With Community BBQ’s liquor license application in process we may not have the opportunity to do gun show and tell this month.


However we have a very important meeting this month.  


The Texas primary election is Tuesday March 3rd with early voting from February 18th until February 28th.


There are five candidates for the Republican nominee for US House District 32.  We have invited 3 of the Republican candidates who published 2ndAmendment positions to speak to the club:

  • Mr. Jeff Tokaar
  • Mr. Floyd McLendon Jr.
  • Ms. Genevieve Collins


(Neither Mr. Jon Hollis or Mr. Mark Sackett publish any stance on the 2nd Amendment.)


So far Mr. McLendon Jr. and Mr. Tokar have accepted and are scheduled to attend. Ms. Collins has not responded to multiple requests. 


This primary election is critical to North Texas and our area.  Today we are represented by Democrat Colin Allred.  Mr. Allred does not support the 2nd Amendment nor most of the values of CARGO.  We need to find out where the Republican candidates fall in support of the 2nd Amendment. 


From Ms. Collins’ website:

“I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I grew up around firearms where weapon safety is paramount and the first priority. We must protect the Second Amendment to ensure that our constitutional rights and freedoms are NOT taken away. We must better enforce our current background checks system to make sure we get them right.


A prevalence of weapons in our communities is not the only or main cause of the escalated violence that we have seen. I believe mental illness, opioid and drug abuse, combined with a system that allows those suffering from these afflictions to obtain guns, is the main issue at hand. We need to understand that our country is suffering from a serious problem related to mental health and address it directly.”


From Mr. McLendon’s website: 

“As a former Navy SEAL, I understand firsthand the importance of firearm ownership. Good guys with guns keep bad guys with guns in check. While Democrats, who refer to an AR-15 as an “assault rifle”, continue to play politics with the 2nd Amendment, I will always stand firm on this foundational freedom. The 2nd Amendment is clear: shall not be infringed. I will always fight to ensure our right to keep and bear arms is protected.”


From Mr. Tokar’s website and The American Resolution that is published to show his position on issues: 


“Whereas, as acknowledged in the language of the second amendment, it is a fundamental constitutional right for the citizens of the United States to own firearms, 


Let it be resolved, I affirm that right and oppose any legislation that in any way attempts to undermine or diminish this fundamental right.”


Mr. Sackett’s website has no 2nd amendment position published. 

Mr. Hollis’ website has no 2nd amendment position published. 


Please join us for the meeting to hear directly from the candidates.  If you have specific questions or concerns please be prepared to ask the candidates directly.


This election is critical for our district, State, Country and our children’s future.  If you know any like CARGO friendly voters, invite them to our meeting.  

When was the last time you visited our web site?  Please take some time to go to the CARGO website at www.cargogunclub.org


Thank you,

Paul Curtis

President - CARGO


"If you can read this, thank a teacher. For the fact that it is in English, thank a Veteran."

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